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The Dream that went wrong posted 16 February 2006 in The Thousandfold ThoughtThe Dream that went wrong by Mog-Pharau, Peralogue

Actually, Mithfânion, I believe we have seen the Heron Spear used:

A thread of silver light, swaying across the spiralling heights, flashing across the Carapace. A crack that made ears bleed. Everywhere, raining debris. The anguished wail of innumerable inhuman throats.

That's from TWP, chapter one, during one of Achamian's dreams of the confrontation at Mengedda.

As far as the hypnosis, perhaps Kellhus didn't speak to "Seswatha" at all. Maybe he just soothed Achamian's latent fears of giving him the power of the Gnosis. It's pretty murky, but I have a hard time accepting that the ancient sorceror is present in the Mandati in any form capable of conversation. view post


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