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Akka and the Ciphrang - TTT spoilers posted 14 February 2006 in Author Q & AAkka and the Ciphrang - TTT spoilers by unJon, Auditor

Hi Scott,

I was wondering if you could clarify how Akka survived his battle against the Ciphrang at the end of TTT. I found it curious that Akka never questions the how of his survival during his POV chapter at the end of the book.

The current speculation on the boards range from the extremes of his skin-ward was strong enough to save him even while he was unconcious to Iyo must have died (so its a fake at the end of TTT) to Iyo never told the Ciphrang to kill him, just to 'scare him' so that Akka would know that Iyo should not be messed with.

I guess that I am weakly in the skin-ward camp solely based on the fact that we do not see Akka curious about his survival. But I hoped that you would clear it up.

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