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Dunyain and Technology posted 13 February 2006 in The Thousandfold ThoughtDunyain and Technology by unJon, Auditor

I realize that this is a fantasy book so that some/all of this speculation should not apply because it is not the real world. With that qualification, I still think it would be interesting to have a discussion about why the Dunyain do not seem to have advanced technologically.

The've been chilling in Ishual for 2K years and have spent that whole time breeding for intelligence and investigating the relationship between cause and effect. The obviously haven't stumbled onto quantum mechanics or they would realize that they could not really figure out how what comes before determines what comes after.

On the other hand, they have advanced notions of psychology and neuro-science. e.g. Kelhus and the hypnotism of Akka; the neuro-puncture of the defects.

Kelhus in TDTCB notes that in Ishual you often know exactly what path a falling leaf would take. This would entail some sophisticated understanding of gravity, air resistence, and thermo-dynamics. Given the pervasiveness of elector-magnitism in the cause/effect relationship for most observable phenomenon, I'm surprised that they haven't stumbled upon electricity yet.

More generally, I wonder that they don't have a scientific branch runing experiments in physics and chemistry, discovering Relativity, etc. I would think that such research would pay big dividends in the Logos. Just some careful observations of the motions of the planetary bodies would confirm that Netownian physics is lacking in some respects. view post


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