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Mekeritrig posted 11 February 2006 in The Thousandfold ThoughtMekeritrig by zarathustra, Peralogue

My two favourite scenes in the Prince of Noting series are the scenes involving Mekeritrig. The first one is when he fights Kellhus at the start of the TDTCB the second (it does not mention who the Noman is in the book itself it is later confirmed by Scott that it is Mekeritrig.) The second is the start of TTT where in a dream Seswatha is tortured by Mekeritrig on the Wall of Dagliash.
Now reading between the lines here it would appear to me that Mekeritrig turned traitor on the Consult and released Seswatha. I can base this on the fact that Mekeritrig tells Kellhus that he has fought for and against the No-God during the Apocalypse. In the glossary Mekeritrig is descibed as a ranking member of the Consult during the apocalypse wheras Aurang and Aurax are described as ranking members of the Consult. In the Mekeritrig's conversation with Seswatha its seems that he is being persuaded to release or at least end Seswatha's suffering. Perhaps Seswatha succeeded as his position looked pretty hopeless otherwise.
Whether this is the case or not I would expect Mekeritrig to play a large role in the Aspect Empire. At least I hope so as he is such an interesting character. view post


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