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Just finished TTT posted 08 February 2006 in Author Q & AJust finished TTT by Mithfânion, Didact

Personally I think the realism and sheer force of Kellhus' narrative of Ascendancy is one of the series' most powerful aspects. Kellhus' power with the Gnosis had been foreshadowed a couple of times, someone who might even surpass Seswatha, and I think that Kellhus will bear that out in future volumes. It is because of his vast intellect that he would naturally surpass even naturally gifted sorcerers. When just starting his studies with Achmanian he already suggested a second inutteral, which was unheard of, since even one was very hard indeed.

Maybe the best scene of the book for me was when we first see Kellhus being taught by Achamian. Kellhus has just performed some sort of hypnosis on Achamian that would allow Achamian to teach him the Gnosis and sentences that Achamian took month to learn are repeated by Kellhus at once. I loved how it was described how suddenly his eyes flashed and a deep rumbling could be felt all around, with Kellhus murmuring "Yes.........". view post


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