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Cnaiur posted 07 February 2006 in The Thousandfold ThoughtCnaiur by Mithfânion, Didact

Some people seem to think his fate is in doubt. I guess I can see why because Scott didn't explicitly pronouce him dead, but IMO he is a dead man. In his final scene, we see that he thinks about his final swazond. This is supposedly where he kills himself, but we didn't get anyone's confirmation afterwards that he is dead.

However, when Achamian returns to Shimeh and finds mighty Kellhus coronated, he remarks that there is no Eleazaras there, no Serwe, no Conphas and no Cnaiur. I thought this was Scott's way of saying that Cnaiur is dead, since the three others mentioned are confirmed as dead.

Furthermore, Cnaiur is 45 years old now. I don't think he still has a role to play as a 65-year old Scylvendi. He'll be way, way past his prime by then, overrun by other Scylvendi if he should consider returning to them. I just don't see a point in his survival. His arc revolved all around Moenghus and his feelings for him and his refusal to admit to them. At the end, Moenghus is killed and he admits to himself that he only ever loved Moenghus. End of story. I also don't see a role for him in terms of raising his own son because the child has been renounced by him "("you are not of the People") plus Little Moenghus is generally seen as Kellhus' child by Serwe; The world doesn't know the child is Cnaiur's.

The final page with Achamian clinched any doubts I had after the scene with him and Moenghus. It just seemed definitive to me that Cniaur was mentioned there as those who were no longer with us. view post


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