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Tentative Schedule posted 07 February 2006 in Tour and Signing InformationTentative Schedule by Cu'jara Cinmoi, Author of Prince of Nothing

So here it is, with many details still pending.

Thursday, February 16th

- Reading at Fanshawe College, London ON

Wednesday, March 1st

7:30 pm - event with University of Toronto reading series

Monday, March 6th - Calgary

-event in Calgary (details to come)

Tuesday, March 7th - Victoria

7 pm -event with Bolen's Books,

Thursday, March 9th - Vancouver

7 pm - event with the Vancouver Public Library with White Dwarf Books

Friday, March 10th

-Overlook Press to get back to me with possible event in Seattle this

Wednesday, April 5th - London ON

7 pm - Oxford Books with the London Public Library

If anyone has suggestions with things I could do while visiting any of these cities, please feel free to pm me. view post


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