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posted 06 Feb 2006, 21:02 by Entropic_existence, Moderator

[quote="zarathustra":qkilg6bc]To use the Lord of the Rings analogy I tended to think of them as the equivalent of trolls. Scott is using his trick of sketching out a description before providing more detial in a later book. There isn't a glossary entry for them in my advanced readers copy version. I was wondering if there were many of them still around in the present Three Seas?[/quote:qkilg6bc] I don't think there are any in the Three-Sea's. There aren't even Sranc in the Three-Sea's proper really. Apparently the Wracu were pretty much decimated population wise during the First Apocalypse but there are definitly some still around. There may be some Bashrag in the remnants of the Ancient North and there are likely ones outside of the Earwa, in Eanna. Remember during the First Apocalypse the No-God called hordes of Sranc along with Wracu and Bashrag from outside the borders of the land of Earwa. As for my Balrog Bashrag comparison it was more just on the merits of physical appearance and not a comment on intellect at all. :) view post


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