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posted 06 Feb 2006, 00:02 by Twayleph, Auditor

Yes, Moenghus is recognized as a powerful Cishaurim, but there's more than one kind of power. As a Dûnyain, he would wield tremendous influence within the Cishaurim and gain knowledge rivaling that of Seökti himself. Due to his superior intellect, he would also be able to cast a large variety of spells, and perhaps even improve those few who depend on the intellect (i.e. Translating, which he used to arrange a meeting between Xerius and Skauras in TDTCB). When word of him reached, per example, the Imperial Court, the message would have lost its nuances and the knowledge and political power of Moenghus would be translated into power, period. That's why the Nansur called him so powerful that even the Cishaurim were afraid of him, that he would replace Seokti as Heresiarch if it wasn't of the Prophetic Law, etc. But the Psukhe is a metaphysic of the heart. You asked what is was the Moenghus lacked that the Cishaurim didn't; I'd say: sheer sorcerous power. As we've seen in TTT, a Cishaurim with a truly strong heart - and therefore bears large quantities of "Water" - can unleash power dwarfing even the Scarlet Spires'. But the Dûnyain? What little emotion they have, they enslave under the yoke of the intellect. Moenghus could likely cast any Psukari spell ever divised, but he could pass very little power into them. In other words, as wonderful and intimidating as he seemed in conversation, just about any high-ranking Cishaurim would be able to squash him in a sorcerous duel. Finally, you ask what shining in the Third Sight means. The Cishaurim call themselves the Possessors of the Third Sight (because of the way they blind themselves), so I think it refers to Moenghus' abilities with the intellectual Psukhe spells, as well as the superior understanding of the Psukhe he must've developed after becoming Cishaurim. view post


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