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Spoilerish question regarding Sorcery posted 05 February 2006 in Author Q & ASpoilerish question regarding Sorcery by Mithfânion, Didact

Yes I understand that he is limited in terms of passion as a Dunyain, that's correct. But since we have come to know him as the most powerful member of the Cishaurim, and as one who is highly respected by the other Kishauri, what is it that he lacks? In what do the others surpass him, why do they think him cursed?

The quote goes:

"Seokti and the others respect you, Kellhus continued. "Indeed as Mallahet you have a reputation that reaches across Kian and beyond. And you shine in the Third Sight. But secretly they all think you cursed by the Solitary God. Why else would the Water elude you?


"Though your intellect could astound those about you and earn you access to their most priviliged counsels, the instance they found themselves beyond teh force of your presence, the undermining whispers rekindled. "He is weak'

I wonder what is meant by shining in The Third Sight as well. view post


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