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posted 03 Feb 2006, 12:02 by Twayleph, Auditor

I know the [i:3f2lvavj]Chorae[/i:3f2lvavj] were made the Aporetic sorcerers, but what about the Chorae [i:3f2lvavj]Hoard[/i:3f2lvavj] ? In the Three-Seas the Chorae are spread among the caste-nobility, the Thousand Temples and the Schools, so it's plausible that in the High North, Chorae weren't confined to one specific place or faction, either. "Chorae Hoard" sounds like a very large quantity of Chorae assembled in one place, which has me wondering how and why it was assembled. Was it a war effort by all the High North nations to counter the Consult ? Or was it originally assembled long before the Apocalypse, perhaps as a way for a nation deprived of Gnostic Schools to protect itself? And I also wonder what happened to the Hoard when Sauglish was sacked; whether it fell into the hands of the Consult or was it salvaged? Edit : on second thought I'm not sure it was said the Hoard was located in Sauglish; all I could find was the Seswatha was exiled because he "cursed King Hûruth V for not fleeing to Mehtsonc with the Chorae Hoard" view post


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