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Glad to see we have this forum posted 02 February 2006 in The Thousandfold ThoughtGlad to see we have this forum by Grallon, Candidate

Quote: "rycanada":3r4o2i44
I think that the Inchoroi discovered the existence of the Outside (and the fate of their souls, which they seek to avoid) on Earwa because of sorcery. Without such obvious proof of the Outside influencing the world, they could have denied the existence of damnation - or even the soul - but once you add sorcery into the mix, it's undeniable. Their reaction? To avoid pain, work to seal off the Outside.[/quote:3r4o2i44]

If the phenomenon is universal then no matter how numerous or strong the denials - its effects would have been witnessed/experienced before by them - in one form or another. Furthermore, destroying all other sentient beings from the surface of Earwa won't make the Outside go away nor prevent the Inchoroi's newly found souls from being damned once they die.

This sealing business simply makes no sense. Either God exist and you're damned no matter what you do - or if you can actually avoid damnation then there's no God. Again, from Aurang's own musings, his people didn't seem to have had any previous experience of damnation before being stranded.


You know, the one thing that grabed my attention when I first started reading the Darkness That Comes Before was how realistic fantasy could be made: mythical creatures created by genetic manipulation, Khellus' superior abilities explained by his training, the Ennemy as aliens from another world. Even sorcery could be (could have been) rationalized without calling upon metaphysical speculations.

Oh well. I'll follow the series through naturally but I'm disapointed by the way things have turned.

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