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A TTT question -possible spoilers inside, you've been warned posted 02 Feb 2006, 00:02 by Entropic_existence, Moderator

Ok, just figuring I would post this here since it is a debate we've been having over on the TTT spoiler forum Ok, it's entirely possible this may be material you plan on exploring in AE or future books, in which case feel free to say so Scott. We've been wondering about a few things that involve the backstory of the Inchoroi. 1)What was the Inchoroi's knowledge of Sorcery before they came to Earwa? Did they already know some manner of Sorcery or did they rely solely on the Tekne and only gain knowledge of Sorcery, and begin to use it, after their arrival. 2)The Inchoroi travelled to Earwa from the Outside correct? presumably from another world (at least that is my assumption since they appear to have arrived in a space craft). Do the Inchoroi have a fundamentally better grasp of the nature of the Outside and of the metaphysics that your setting are bound by? What made them realize, and when, that their souls would be subject to Damnation after their deaths? Is this Damnation related to Sorcery or are they Damned for what they are (and their appetites) anyway? view post


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