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Language posted 01 February 2006 in Writing TipsLanguage by rycanada, Peralogue

I've had a lot of luck just sitting down and brainstorming about a hundred words and names in a language, and then working back from that to a set of phonetics. Basically, it lets me start with the feel of the story and work backwards.

For a metopotamian-influenced idea I've come up with I had characters named Akigatei, Muntuurei, Uramu, Namti, Deashi, Gulguud, Abainda, Ishalena, Kem, and so forth, and from those (and a bunch more) I basically made a chart of "syllables" like this:

Initial Sound | Vowel Sound | Coda
k i
g a
t ei
M u n

You start to get repeats, but make the list and you've got a good idea of how your language would "sound" - and that's about all that I think can be really delivered to the reader anyway. view post


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