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a question posted 31 January 2006 in Off-Topic Discussiona question by Quinthane, Candidate

I hate when people see you reading and assume that it's perfectly okay to interupt and start up a conversation. As if reading isn't anything more than a way to kill time between REAL interactions.

I was at a coffee shop earlier reading Thousandfold Thought when someone I vaguely know plopped himself down at my table and said, "Hey guy! How's it--"
That's about as far he got before I reached into his throat and ripped out his laranyx. As he sailed through the shattering plateglass window, he had the nerve to look astonished.

So, here's my question;

How much of the damage to the coffeeshop window am I finacially responsible for?

Quinthane "Breaker of Gerbils and Windows" view post


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