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Glad to see we have this forum posted 28 January 2006 in The Thousandfold ThoughtGlad to see we have this forum by Grallon, Candidate

Quote: "Twayleph":gc2jr6xg

Regarding the "late-blooming morality of the Inchoroi". What makes you assume that the Inchoroi only discovered the dimension of the Outside when they arrived in Eärwa ? We know so little of them, for all we know they're on some sort of anti-Gods crusade, travelling from world to world and sealing all of them shut. Their perpeption of worship is entirely different from our own - as it should be, since they are aliens.[/quote:gc2jr6xg]

Apparently they didn't choose to come to Earwa since they crashlanded on it ! All we know is they were going somewhere and got stranded.

Quote: "Twayleph":gc2jr6xg
... Yes, if the Consult kills off enough humans (I don't think they need to kill all of them, just enough so that the Gods no longer have any effective influence inside the world), then for all practical purposes Damnation and Salvation no longer exist inside this particular world. You say it doesn't speak well for the side of good, but I'm not sure I understand what you mean. [/quote:gc2jr6xg]

For a principle to be true it has to be such in every conceivable circumstances. If we find one instance where this isn't the case then the principle ceases to be absolute and, logically, becomes relative. Therefore everything that derives from it is just so much smoke.

We already know judgement and retribution is conditional to the degree of influence the 'Outside' has on Earwa (and elsewhere - presumably) - therefore closing up the doorways between the 2 (?) planes of existance effectively cancels out the impact of said judgement. In such a case what would be a damnable offense becomes nothing more than a distraction; thus effectively making the original principle false.

Quote: "Twayleph":gc2jr6xg
... Cheating death isn't the only way for the Inchoroi to avoid damnation. How many times was this repeated in this topic alone ? If the Consult succeeds, if the world is shut, damnation is no longer an option. DAMNATION IS NO LONGER AN OPTION.[/quote:gc2jr6xg]

Thank you for illustrating my point.

Quote: "Twayleph":gc2jr6xg
...Oh, so calling others 'vermin' makes one superior, does it? And in what sense do you mean 'superior' ? Does having more powerful technology make one morally superior to another?[/quote:gc2jr6xg]

Having superior knowledge does - witness the Dunyain's easy mastery over the world-born...

Quote: "Twayleph":gc2jr6xg
...Of course, since you seem to loathe the idea that Gods objectively exist in Eärwa, you probably won't see that as a divine action, but a case could be made that since the Nonmen also represent a door into the Outside and seem to have their own forms of worship, their victory over the Inchoroi might've been divinely inspired.[/quote:gc2jr6xg]

Taken at face value I would have prefered a self enclosed world with no outside intereference. This would have been much more logically plausible than this one - where you have two contradicting realities: Earwa's home-grown metaphysics and the aliens' materialism.

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