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Glad to see we have this forum posted 28 January 2006 in The Thousandfold ThoughtGlad to see we have this forum by Grallon, Candidate

Quote: "Andrew":1211l5kt

as to the question of genetic mutations etc., i mean that isn't at all likely in my view. Sorcery is only produced by saying the right words. Basically they tap into this formula or structure to unleash this power. And the same rules apply to every Anagogic Sorceror and every Gnostic Sorceror. if there were a random genetic mutation that allowed the channeling of energy, the processes should not be identical between sorcerors except sorcerors of the same lineal descent who would share the mutation. And the manifestation of the "sorcery" should differ. But all the Spires produce the same stuff because they are using the same Cants. How could there be any need to comply with a rigid formula of utterances and thoughts if all they are doing is directing some innate flow? A man born of the few is utterly powerless until he is taught the words, and it is the Fact of the Words that to me says, you are dealing in a universe with Deity.[/quote:1211l5kt]

And yet there *is* a distinction between the few and everyone else - one that has physical manifestations (Achamian's memories about his own 'revelation' - where his vision changed and he felt dizzy). In other words the ability to perform sorcery is rooted in the flesh - ergo a genetic pre-disposition. The inhabitants of Earwa don't know about genetics - but we do. I see the need for cants as a focus mechanism - much like a turbin is necessary to transform the kinetic energy of a river into electricity. In other words this is but one way of acheiving the channeling I was refering to. And in turn this implies there could be other ways.

Besides the idea of 'tooth fairies' or other assorted bearded figures hovering around Earwa and picking up random individuals to gift them with the ability to do sorcery is distasteful. It would imply a negation of much that we, the readers, know about the Universe.

Finally regarding the Inchoroi and their late-blooming morality, I still find it unbeleivable that such superior beings (they keep refering to Earwa's inhabitants as 'vermin'), would suddenly realize the existance of this other dimension after coming to Earwa. Logically if there is a metaphysical 'Outside' then it shouldn't be limited to that world alone. Therefore why would they be more affected by it/subjected to it while on Earwa ?

At some point (in TWP or TTT) Aurang expresses hi hatred for his exile-world and recalls 'Home'. The way the author wrote it Aurang didn't seem to mourn something dead & lost but rather the fact he's cut off. This in turn suggest that on their homeworld the Inchoroi were not in the grip of any existantial crisis - ergo they weren't in contact with other dimensions there. And as I said above, if there's an 'Outisde' it exists throughout the universe - not only in the vicinity of Earwa.

On the other end one could speculate that they had already passed the point of no return before even leaving their world; that they had 'sealed themselves out' already. But then why leave at all ? Another step in their (presumably) unending quest for ever keener obsenities ? Very well, but if that was the case, why destroy the vermin ? Why not enslave them to use them as playthings ?

And so we're back to the metaphysical explanation: the humans & non-men are windows to the Outside and as such represent a threat. What kind of threat exactly ? Are these 'windows' some sort of cosmic vacuum cleaner mouths who'll suck out all Inchoroi pus ? Or, alternately, disgorge legions of shining avenging angels ? If the Inchoroi are so vile that they offend the very heavens - why weren't they smitten ? How exactly is damnation more an issue here than it was on their homeworld ? Ah yes here the seal is not watertight yet. This is what I call a logical loophole - or a vicious circle as it were...

But let's assume the Consult succeeds and slaughters all the other sentient beings of Earwa; then logically the threat from the 'Outside' disappears; and so does the Inchoroi's damnation... Therefore if one's salvation and/or damnation depends solely on the movement of doors it doesn't speak well for the 'good side' does it ?

As far as I'm aware the only way the Inchoroi can avoid damnation is by cheating death. So far they've apparently been successfull in doing so through the use of the Teckne - by preserving/regenerating their physical bodies. If that is the case then all they need to do is keep on being forgotten - thus deflecting the unwanted attention of those who would destroy them. And under that light the metaphysical subtext becomes moot.

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