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Glad to see we have this forum posted 27 January 2006 in The Thousandfold ThoughtGlad to see we have this forum by rycanada, Peralogue

The Inchoroi came to Earwa, realized the existence of, and source of magic. But they don't approach it like a religion - to them, the Outside is more like an alternate dimension. They observed mankind (or at first, Nonmenkind) and realized that they were windows to the outside, just as Achamian describes with his light trick at Xinemus' camp.

Because men and nonmen are windows to the Outside, they are able to do magic - and susceptible to damnation (i.e. they have souls that will have a fate in the Outside after their deaths).

Unfortunately for the Inchoroi, upon reaching Earwa they realized that they themselves (or at least, a few of them) were also "windows to the Outside." Thus, they were also susceptible to "damnation"

But the Inchoroi have a very materialist approach to everything - thus, rather than seeing transcendence in contact with the Outside, they see it as a kind of parallel dimension. Rather than try to redeem themselves, they would prefer to cut this dimension off from that one, to avoid the dangers of beings they cannot hope to dominate, and fates they cannot hope to alter. To a certain extent, they treat emanations of the Outside like we would treat radiation; occasionally something to be used, but mostly a phenomenon to be controlled and eliminated. Their natures are so corrupt that they cannot approach the universe with a real grasp of spiritual philosophy. view post


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