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posted 26 Jan 2006, 23:01 by Grallon, Candidate

[quote="Cu'jara Cinmoi":24dv11nw]... What is it, exactly, that you find over the top, Grallon? Did you think it unrealistic? If so, I'm not sure how I could have better motivated Kellhus's ascendency, given the time Achamian spends worrying over the Gnosis + Kellhus combo... Or is your concern narrative? I know some people complain that Kellhus is too powerful for the story, to which I always reply: 'Which story would that be?' It seems to turn on an unwarranted assumption as to where things are headed. ...[/quote:24dv11nw] I would have to say narrative. As I commented in another thread I apprehended the story with a materialist biais. After all, it is my understanding that you yourself posited the Dunyain as the ultimate materialists - through their deterministic motto: 'what comes before determine what comes after'. In that context, the Inchoroi, presented as aliens whose ship crashed on Earwa and who are using the 'old science', supported & confirmed this bent. Then we see Khellus' ordeal on that tree, and the 'revelations' he has. And from there the whole narrative seem to go on a tangent with speculations about the Outside (which personally I took to be a mis-representation of space) and its (presumed) ascendent denizens - then back with the Inchoroi and their (suddenly revealed) fear of damnation... I guess I found it was jarring. I kept wondering why would superior (as in more knowledgable) beings be preoccupied with moral considerations that (IMO) must have been totally absent before their arrival. And so in that regard it seemed to me that Khellus was no longer a superior human being due to his training (as infered in the previous books - and which I found both plausible & credible) - but rather because of some new insights into an overarching metaphysical reality which wasn't present in the first place. And from then on the character's nature changed. In one book you have a man whose superior abilities could be conceived in a rational manner and in the next he becomes - as you wrote - 'more'. We had no clues about this possibility before. So yes, in other words I saw this as a rupture in your previously established narrative flow. Furthermore, I undertsand you're planning the '[b:24dv11nw]Aspect Emperor[/b:24dv11nw]' to start about 20 years after the end of TTT. So my question is: considering how fast Khellus has advanced in about 100 pages of TTT - where will he be when the next series begin ?! Will the Consult still be a challenge by then ? G. view post


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