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Glad to see we have this forum posted 25 January 2006 in The Thousandfold ThoughtGlad to see we have this forum by Grallon, Candidate

Quote: "zarathustra":1ind63ur

However the Three Seas itself seems in less good shape. The Holy War will have all but destoyed all active armies in the region. Plus the two most powerful schools have been devastated/destroyed. This would leave all nations vulnerable to being overrun by Sranc. Khellus would have to immedaitely start trainning all the Three Seas children for war. It would be my guess that Aspect Emperor will begin with Kellhus hard pressed and needing to go to Zeum to persuade them to lend their armies in support. But then he can probably teleport himself there...[/quote:1ind63ur]

Khellus' goal is clearly to harness the Three Seas completely under his control. No doubt he'll resurrect the old Empire and probably merge it with the Thousand Temple - creating, in effect, a theocracy. The surviving schools will likely be absorbed by the Mandate.

There's also the Dunyein themselves to consider. We already know Khellus sees them as limited - but still useful. Yet I don't see how he could go back there and convince them to work for him. I suppose he could force them now that he has the Gnosis... On the other hand the Consult is actively looking for them so perhaps they will find Ishual first and use them - or destroy them...

And there's Achamian whom we know survive since he writes the Chronicles of the Holy War (interestingly one of the last entry of his chronicles mention he has to watch what he writes ... under surveillance I guess). Besides being a chronicler I can't see what kind of meaningful role he might have in the future. He's now considered an heretic and an outcast wizard. Unless Bakker tries to spin some more threads with the whore ? I hope not - this was getting tedious already by the end of The Warrior Prophet.

One unknown is the Scylvendi. Since Cnaiur survived my guess is he'll federate the remnants of his people and oppose the new God-Emperor. Perhaps with Achamian' help.

We shall see.

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