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Glad to see we have this forum posted 24 January 2006 in The Thousandfold ThoughtGlad to see we have this forum by Grallon, Candidate

Quote: "Nauticus":3gdrqluy

I'm not sure. I don't know if it's clumsy storytelling, as it might have been intentional. But I don't see the Consult any less of a threat. Yes, Kellhus is powerful, but we haven't seen any of the incarnations of the Tekne (Old Science). Keep in mind, the No-God will probably be resurrected, and the Heron Spear is missing.[/quote:3gdrqluy]

During the course of 2 books we heard about the dread Inchoroi; about how the world went through an apocalypse, about the slaughter of peoples and the slaughter of nations... Here we see Khellus facing down an Old Name, killing skin spys at will. And with his mastery of the Gnosis (and whatever new inventions he'll come up with over the next 20 years - I don't see what could stop him). The No-God ? I don't know what it is - but by the descriptions it looks like some sort of self aware machine. Again with the expended Gnosis I don't see how much trouble it could be. Anything with a physical form can be destroyed with the application of enough energy.

I don't know it just seem khellus has been turned into a god - and I dislike the implications.

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