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Glad to see we have this forum posted 24 January 2006 in The Thousandfold ThoughtGlad to see we have this forum by Grallon, Candidate

Someone will have to clarify this for me: the Inchoroi wanted to destroy humans & non men to 'seal the world' ?! Are we talking about a physical phenomenon or a philosophical concept ?


Some observations about TTT:

- the pacing was not balanced: too much ruminations in the first part for the quickened rythm that followed in the last part;

- though I understand the necessity to set the stage for the next book I felt that Comphas was definately short changed. *scowls*;

- similarly the unexplained falling in line of the entire Mandate behind Khellus was annoying. Entirely too much time was wasted with Achamian's redundant feelings for the whore and Cnaiurs madness while not enough was devoted to fleshing out other sub plots;

- by the end of TTT it seem to me Khellus has grown so much - so fast - that the Consult does't look very threatening anymore. One can only imagine what he will be after 20 years of learning/practicing/improvising on the Gnosis... If he trains more like him - why the Second Apocalypse will be a walk in the park. And that's clumsy storytelling to deflate your main villain so fast.

- Overall this last book was less satisfying than expected.

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