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You should be afraid... very, very, afraid. posted 31 December 2005 in Author Q & AYou should be afraid... very, very, afraid. by Cu'jara Cinmoi, Author of Prince of Nothing

The ploys of advertisers are indeed clever and insidious but can we honestly say that a high school education does not supply the critical skills needed to see through them? And even with the widespread introduction of user-pays education most of us have the opportunity to go beyond high school and enter tertiary education. Of course if someone does not exercise (or even develop) these critical skills then that is their choice. If we need a "logical mind" I believe that the current institution is doing a good job to develop it.

I think they're doing a good job convincing people they're critical thinkers. I think it's patently obvious that highschools are doing anything but teaching people how to think critically. The same pretty much goes for universities, outside of bona fide critical thinking courses.

Have you ever taken a critical thinking course? If so please tell me just where and how those skills are learned anywhere else in the education system. view post


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