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Does Akka waver?Where was he at the End? posted 30 December 2005 in The Warrior ProphetDoes Akka waver?Where was he at the End? by stacius, Commoner

Perhaps you're right, I mean I undestand that this is a fantasy novel and that plots need to be driven a certain way, but look at it from the other end.

The Shiriah knows who Akka is and The Holy War has been in the field for months...everyone knows where they're going. You're in charge of a School and they tell you that you're ancient enemy is among the army. Then you don't hear from your guy for weeks...So you just kick back?!

I think Akka did a pretty poor job of keeping a low profile. I mean everyone seems to know who he is and why he's there. His involvement with Kellhus would mean that lots of people would know who he is. And don't you think someone would've survived to tell the tale of how a Mandate Schoolman laid waste to the Scarlet Spires base?

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