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Literary psychoanalysis posted 17 December 2005 in The Warrior ProphetLiterary psychoanalysis by butlersr, Candidate

Which leads us to our title character, Kellhus. Kellhus is, symbollically, a psychological prototype, that of a sociopathic cult leader. There are so many examples of this all I can do is offer to educate anyone who disagrees. Similarities can be found to Charles Manson, Jim Jones, and Jesus. (Apologies to any offended by that.)

Yes - i'm offended by the reference to Jones and Manson!
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This was a pretty well thought out post.
I like the idea of distending.
All very fitting to the time we live in - it's like he's responding to these times we're in by reminding us of the folly of our own holy wars. Sort of allegorical
Oh - there I go again making judgements about the author - sorry. view post


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