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Fantasy and Philosophy posted 19 May 2004 in Philosophy DiscussionFantasy and Philosophy by Tattooed Hand, Auditor

Escape from what is what I would ask. What is the real world? I am a graduate student, and some would argue that I don't live in the real world anyway. I worked for several years in between spurts of academia, but the cube farm always seemed surreal to me. Hugging someone I love seemed like a moment of the real world.

I also get really annoyed with the distinction that Sci Fi is more adult and forward looking, because it is more "useful" and that F is backward and historical. I would argue that the real world is gravely lacking mutiple awareness of history...

Of course there is an element of escapism in reading F. Isn't reading anything for pleasure escape. Even if you are absolutely fascinated with watch repair and reading everything you can on it, unless you are opening a watch repair business, isn't that escapism. It seems that any pleasure oriented actions don't register on the utility richter scale and so they are acts of escapism.

I enjoy reading about imaginatively concieved things and having my brain be taken on fun and intellectually engaging adventures that I would not have gotten to take otherwise. Reading for pleasure is such a big part of my life, such a major aspect of keeping my balance as I move through my life (and fantasy is such a big part of that reading)... well, it functions as a mind saving device.

I hope I never get stranded on a desert island. view post


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