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Battle of Titans posted 11 December 2005 in Author Q & ABattle of Titans by Kidruhil Lancer, Auditor

Having read the book, I think most of the problem people might have with it is that Feast and the next book, Dance with Dragons, are set in the same space of time, each taking place in different locations. Like it says on his website.

The downside being, of course, that most of the best characters are hardly mentioned at all. Jon is only in one scene that isn't even his POV, Arya appears in a few chapters that are really interesting but the last one ends in a pretty large cliff hanger (of course), and there is no mention of Dany and her dragons whatsoever except for what people have been hearing in rumors.

But as for the story, I thought he pulled it off very well for only using some lesser known characters. Cersei finally screws herself and gets some of what's coming to her, Brienne gains alot more depth, although her fate is in question by the end of the book, and of course Samwell Tarly gets some spotlight time as well.

The most amazing part, IMHO (To steal a phrase from Entropic_Existence), is the way he can turn my opinion around about characters just by writing their POV. The most dramatic case being, of course, Jaime the Kingslayer. By the end of the fourth book I really am rooting for the guy.

Anyway... I don't know if this helps anyones opinion out at all. This thread is a few days old and many of you have probably read AFFC already... but there it is. view post


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