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Cnaiur and Serwe posted 08 December 2005 in The Warrior ProphetCnaiur and Serwe by butlersr, Candidate

No no no
Bakker makes it very very clear. Cnaur is GAY.
Gay Gay Gay

Serwai (sp?) is his proof that he's a "Man of the People" aka the masculine ideal that his people hold. Or basically his proof to others that he's not gay. He's conflicted with his sexuality and he takes it out on her while using her to show others the facade of the person he would like to be seen as - being a great fearsome warrior with a beautiful trophie-wife. The masculine ideal. That's why he would give anything to get her back - she's his beard.
He doesn't love her - he loves Kellhus, and Kellhus's father. He wants to kill Kellhus's father because he seduced him and then rejected him. He's a lover scorned. That's the character wrapped up into a neat package - a sexually conflicted man and a lover scorned. All his motivations arrise from this. view post


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