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Battle of Titans posted 23 November 2005 in Author Q & ABattle of Titans by sciborg2, Candidate

Anyone know if I can buy one on Ebay? j/k But seriously though...some voodoo woman needs to make one for me.

Voodoo has little to do with dolls at all, in fact I am not sure if there is any connection between the bullshit you see on TV and the actual faith. There are animal sacrifices admittedly, and some dark 'sorcery', but the important thing to remember is that Touissant L'Oveture was the leader of the Voodoo rebels that overthrew the Christian slavemasters. Its empowering, Afrocentric theology has been diluted I suspect, but the hope it gave many is evident in Haiti's successful rebellion.

Not that any of this is meant in anger....just tired so apologize if information is presented in abrasive manner. view post


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