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posted 13 Nov 2005, 15:11 by zarathustra, Peralogue

Most of my understanding of transhumanism comes form a series of novels with the title "Requiem for Homo Sapiens" This has some brilliant ideas in it like humans turning themselves into computers the size of planets(!) though it is seriously flawed in other respects. I would also argue that the Dune novels follow themes of transhumanism. It is interesting that characters such as Leto and Paul Atreides seem to act for the benefit of humanity. One of the things I am really looking forward to in TTT is finding out whether Moenghus and Kellhus are acting for mankinds benefit in saving them from the Consult or are just pursuing wisdom for its own sake. If the former case then that would certainly make Kellhus' actions morally justifiable in the sense that they are done for the greater good or "the end justifies the means". I imagined Neuropath to be a cyberpunk novel as it is set in the near future and I am sure will inevitably be pretty dark. view post


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