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What about akka and esme. posted 10 November 2005 in The Warrior ProphetWhat about akka and esme. by shockwave, Candidate

Quote: "anor277":5a02hq6f
This of course is your privilege.
Again this is your privilege, not to cry for him is mine.[/quote:5a02hq6f]
True, point taken <!-- s:) --><img src="{SMILIES_PATH}/icon_smile.gif" alt=":)" title="Smile" /><!-- s:) -->

And yet it was Esmenet who begged Achamian not to go to the library. Who abandoned whom (especially with Esme's knowledge that Serwe has seduced him)? And Esmenet had the whore's knowledge that men never stayed.

I had forgotten Serwe's seduction.. that kinda throws a monkey wrench in my whole programm doesnt it?
But i dont think that its a valid point that he abandonded her, he is still a Mandate schoolman and going to the library wasnt supposed to take long nor intended as leaving her.
I kinda thought that Esmi knew that Akka wouldnt have 'left' her. At least not in a profound way (here i mean that getting seduced while hammered, and totally committing to someone else and having their baby is different, the latter is more profound). She has left him intellectually as well, which is inevitable ofcourse with Kellhus, but it must sting nonetheless, especially now that he is back.
Well Kellhus is undoubtedly younger and fitter than Achamian, and no doubt better in bed. I know whom I'd prefer. As for the "true love" between Achamian and Esmenet I take it you don't suggest that you can love truly only once?

Haha yes, but Akka was able to afford younger whores as well, but he always came to her when in Sumna and while she was with him, he didnt couple with others (aside from the Serwe-incident). I dont think Esmi thought about it like that anyway, but i see your point.
No i certainly dont mean that you can only love truly once (tho some may not be so lucky to find it again once it slips away), but it is the betrayal that hurts the most. She was his anchorage and he thought he was hers. But that ofcourse changed with Kellhus's arrival.

No I don't realise this, perhaps I am an emotional cripple, but this is life.

True, that ís life. Maybe i hope to much for something good for Akka, that i dont like it when what he holds most dear gets taken from him. He ís a poor fool.
Well it seems that at least we're in agreement here. Esmenet and Kellhus say to Proyas of their relationship, that they thought somehow that Achamian would have approved. It does not sound like bull$hit. Achamian under torture says "Esme, survive me?", since we're now into making moral judgements, maybe Achamian's love for Esmenet should transcend his jealousy - he should be happy for Kellhus and Esmenet. Kellhus "love" for Esmenet (and certainly he does admire her intellect) gave her something that Achamian could never give and had never given.

True, he should be happy for her. But now Akka is trully alone. Does Esmi not owe it to him to be some sort of a companion? I think she has forgotten how much he needs her and how much he meant to her too.
I dont know if Kellhus really admires her. Is there anyone worth admiring for Kellhus? He stands above them all. Isnt he just playing her like all the others?
What has Kellhus given her that Akka couldnt? Are you referring to her place among the high and mighty and that ppl now listen to her? In a way she already had that when she was with Akka, or am i mistaken?

All of course morally reprehensible but who am I to cast the first stone?

Nicely said, good point. view post


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