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What about akka and esme. posted 10 November 2005 in The Warrior ProphetWhat about akka and esme. by shockwave, Candidate

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I was so sad that akka and esme didn’t get together again at the end of the book, I’m such a sucker for happy endings and while this isn’t the end of the story, I would have been so happy if akka and esme would have ended up together again. But mr. bakker still has a book to make it alright, and he better or else… <!-- s:wink: --><img src="{SMILIES_PATH}/icon_wink.gif" alt=":wink:" title="Wink" /><!-- s:wink: -->[/quote:gfsb7115]

Maybe I'm not a romantic, but as I have said before, had Kellhus not taken Esmenet as a lover (as a wife in fact) she would be dead and I can shed no tears for Achamian, he is 40 odd years old not 14 and this cannot be the 1st time someone has preferred another man to him. And has Achamian really been dumped? Kellhus and Esmenet reasonably thought him dead. For all Kellhus' manipulation and Machiavellian cunning, I thought his seduction of Esmenet one of his few defensible acts.[/quote:gfsb7115]

Though i see your logic and the probability of it, i reject it. <!-- s:P --><img src="{SMILIES_PATH}/icon_razz.gif" alt=":P" title="Razz" /><!-- s:P -->
Yes, Kellhus' 'taking' of Esmenet was her only salvation. And also her own machinination despite Kellhus's undoubted acceleration and partaking of it.
But i do not agree you cannot or should not shed tears for Akka. Time and time again they have lost and found each other in numerous ways. Always was Esmenet his foundation and only real lasting love (besides Inrau but we all know what became of him and that was a different kind of love).
This is not simply her preferring another man to him, which he could have accepted, he knows there are greater men out there than him. But the betrayal Esmi has commited is that of a true love.
Do you realize that time after time she has longer for him and wished for him, yet dared not? And then when he gives himself, he sets her free, he lets her dare. She accepts, and then at the threshold of the first true test, lets him go. She is true to herself, the whore, yet not true to who she made us think she was. Maybe now she is more who she wants to be; still tied to the person who is at the center of the world. How Akka made her feel before when he visited her in Sumna. But noone has brought that argument and i refuse to accept that without a really good context.

Besides, they didnt think him 'reasonably dead'. Yes they had very probably cause. They had no reason to think he was alive, but no factual news that he was dead either. Throughout the books Esmi is always portrayed as someone who would look for Akka till she saw his body. She knows she is his only love. Why not at least grant him that, is she really that much under Kellhus's spell? Yes i think so. Otherwise she would have felt sorry and shown her love for him.
I agree with you that what they did was in their best interest and a logical, maybe even necesarry step in Esmi's evolving character. But once he was back, things should have changed. Yet it is irrecovably true to the books that she remains with Kellhus, yet another 'strong' character falling for his words and actions.
But in my opinion she should have confessed her 'sins' to Akka, who would have understood, the poor fool, and then profused her 'love' for him despite her devotion to Kellhus still.
I regret that i cannot see it differently than that she is under Kellhus's spell. Yes she consequently did something natural and necesarry for her survival.. but how necesarry is it for her survival now to bed Kellhus and throw away Akka at his return (did she even thank Xin?) when he needs her the most?
Effectively she is turning Akka into the person he needs to be for the 2nd Apocalypse, but way to early in my opinion.

edit: As for defensible acts i do not think that Kellhus should be excused. Yet he cannot be blamed either. He has done everything right so far. He has gotten them this far and united the Men of the Tusk more than they were before, depite their various inherent differences.
Yet he does not need to bed Esmi, nor her child to keep her devotion.
Tho i am reluctant to accept that he knows rejecting Esmi now would probably be beyond her understanding. And thus i undo my whole argument. It is necesarry for him to 'have' Esmi as his untill he finds a better whore. So to speak.

Pun intended. <!-- s:P --><img src="{SMILIES_PATH}/icon_razz.gif" alt=":P" title="Razz" /><!-- s:P --> view post


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