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Moenghus = Mallahet? posted 14 May 2004 in The Darkness That Comes BeforeMoenghus = Mallahet? by Tattooed Hand, Auditor

The reason I thought Kellhus could see sorcery as well as sorcerers was the following passage on page 525, where he is trying to figure out Skeaos's deal:

"How was this possible? Sorcery? If so, it possessed nothing of the strange torsion he'd experienced with the Nonman he'd battled so long ago. Sorcery, Kellhus had realized, was inexplicably grotesque - like the scribblings of a child across a work of art -though he did not know why. All he knew was that he could distinguish sorcery from the world and sorcerers from common men."

The fact that he can see sorcery, not just read the fact of a person being a sorcerer in their face, is what made me think he was one of the Few.

But as someone pointed out, he can't be one of the Few or Cishaurim because the Chorae that Cnaiur threw him didn't hurt him. Maybe I misread the passage...

Or maybe there is some Dunyain potential for sorcery that their training gives them, but had never been tapped because they shun/disbelieve those things.

This creates a compelling case for Moenghus being Mainthanet since the latter can distinguish sorcerers...

Mainthanet is also pretty good at sniffing out spies. But here's my question - how could Sarcellus have escaped his notice? His rank is just below the Grandmaster of the Shrial knights, so he would have met the Shrial at some point. Kellhus noticed the weirdness of Skeaos immediately. Since we know that Sarcellus is the same kind of creature, wouldn't Moenghus have noticed it? Especially since he is looking at faces for spies? view post


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