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posted 30 Oct 2005, 13:10 by Cu'jara Cinmoi, Author of Prince of Nothing

We haven't moved all that far from pedigrees and provenances, I guess. The thing is, when literary types 'go slumming' in genre, it's typically not seen as genre fiction, but an out an out appropriation of generic forms for a literary purpose. It's similar to, but not identical to, white surburban kids dressing up as gangbangers. 'Respectable' people don't mind the clothes so much, so long as they can see the skin. A trite analogy, I know, but I really think it captures something of the dynamic. Here in Canada, my publisher had high hopes of garnering a dual audience for my books. But no one 'serious' would even review it, once they realized the skin actually matched the clothes. Hmmm... That does sound bitter, doesn't it! :roll: view post


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