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Dunyain blind spot? posted 28 Oct 2005, 15:10 by RiderOnTheStorm, Candidate

Hi Scott, Let me get the obligatory compliment(s) out of the way first: I truly love these books and i have already gotten 3 friends to buy and read them with a few more that have promised to pick them up after they read AFFC. This is the most engrossing, thought provoking work i have read in quite some time regardless of literary genre. I salute your job well done. Now to my question: If what comes before determines what comes after is there any chance that the Dunyain would/have/can fall victim to the ole ad-hoc ergo proctor-hoc fallacy? Given the awe inspiring intellectual power of their order i would think that the Dunyain would easily avoid this issue but on the other hand isolation does strange things to ppl. Talk about cocooning, the Dunyain define isolation. While that can lead to introspection, meditation, contemplation and perhaps even revelation it can lead to dismissal of what isnt inside their silo. Hence their teachings that sorcery was a myth. Obviously Kellhus and his father are supremely adaptable and flexible but not all of their brethren are as proven by the Dunyains tidy little group suicide after being contacted by Moenghus. I guess this is just a very long winded way of expressing my curiousity for what TTT will bring to us regarding the Dunyain. view post


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