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You should be afraid... very, very, afraid. posted 25 October 2005 in Author Q & AYou should be afraid... very, very, afraid. by Echoex, Auditor

You become accustomed to having them say "you wanted something like this, here it is", and then when they say "you want this too" you just accept it.

No offence, Murrin, but bully. At this point your mommy and I would ask you if you'd jump off the cliff, too. If you take for granted everything that an advertiser tells you, then you deserve what you get. Sprinkle a little bit of discretion into every decision you make. That's my suggestion.

At some point we have to start taking responsibility for our naiveties.


PS, Lucimay:

(do i have a reputation for being a smart*ss?)

Not at all. But I have a reputation for being an *sshole....
Thanks for the compliment! view post


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