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Scott, I'd appreciate your take on this posted 25 October 2005 in Author Q & AScott, I'd appreciate your take on this by Echoex, Auditor

I disagree with the assertion that none of your characters are 'likeable'. I think Achamian is one of the most likeable characters in Fantasy Literature. I liken him to Paul from Kay's Fionavar Tapestry. Tragic, essentially good-natured, and seething with a power he can neither embrace nor completely understand. Of course, I can't predict how he'll turn out in TTT (unless you would care to burden me with the pleasure of an ARC). But I was deeply connected to Achamian. I empathized with his betrayal at the hands of Esmenet and I felt his urgency at the knowledge that Kellhus might be the harbinger.

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