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posted 24 Oct 2005, 02:10 by Tol h'Eddes, Auditor

[quote="Cu'jara Cinmoi":2o9otqme]My personal copies have arrived, but I'm still waiting on the box. Truth be told, I'm actually dismayed with them, so much so that I'll probably bury the bulk of them in a hole in the back yard, or raffle them off in a contest a few months from now. A typsetting error transformed all the sentence-ending em-dashes and a good number of the exclamation marks into question marks - which means that all the moments of dramatic confrontation, where people start shouting and cutting each other off, are marred with apparently unintelligible questions. Bums me out. I was really looking forward to shipping them out to reviewers and perhaps building a groundswell of buzz on the web.[/quote:2o9otqme] You could wait after TTT has been published and sell these on eBay as rarities and collectible ! [quote:2o9otqme]"For true fan only ! Rare misprinted ARC of The Thousandfold Thought by R. Scott Bakker. Numbered and autographed by the author himself! Don't miss this opportunity! Buy one today !"[/quote:2o9otqme] Seriously, does this means that you won't have ARC for TTT or that you will get a corrected bunch later? view post


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