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Moenghus = Mallahet? posted 11 May 2004 in The Darkness That Comes BeforeMoenghus = Mallahet? by Norsirai, Commoner

Quote: "Maltaran":3egvgfif
This is a theory I'm shamelessly pinching from someone else on the ASOIAF board.[/quote:3egvgfif]

But I forgive you Malt, seeing as how I might have initially been wrong.

I've been thinking a lot about this of late, having done a reread to prep for The Warrior Prophet, and now I'm second guessing my original theory. It seemed just a little too simple, but then again, it seems too simple for Maithanet to be Moengus.

How about both then?

It breaks down like this.

The whys, we don't, but we do know that Moengus left Ishuäl when Kellhus was very young, more or less during his infancy. Whether he was captured or not matters little, as being a Dûnyain there's not much doubt to me that Moengus chose to spend time amongst the Scylvendi as a slave-- why, I don't know. Why he had to purchase his 'freedom' by killing Skiotha I can't do much more than speculate on either, but I shall restrain myself as this theory is fletched as it is, the proverbial arrow knocked and let loose toward the sun.

Most probably, a miss. Be that as it may, bearing on.

We also learn that Moengus marked himself with swazond (did he earn them-- he left the Scylvendi just this side of a slave, I doubt the pride of the People could countenance a slave scarring himself with their ritual) he also dyed his hair black. Then he went south. What he did, where he went, we don't know... but here's what I was thinking.

I'd posit that Moengus did meet the Cishaurim, and he became Mallahet. Did he do this with purpose, well, maybe not at first. Anyways, at first glance, when I saw Mallahet I thought right off, There's our man. But a few things stuck in my craw as time wore on, most notably, how exactly did Maithanet know about the war between the Cishaurim and the Scarlet Spires?

Well, because he's Maithanet too.

Not at the same time, of course.

I believe the person who met with Xerius as envoy of the Cishaurim was someone who was made to resemble Mallahet. I think it was one of the Ikurei's muckety mucks who exclaimed, "You're Mallahet?" I picked up on the quirk of the remark on the reread, the odd accentuation. It seemed like incredulity at his identity, rather than merely awe at who he was-- if that makes any sense.

After all, why were Mallahet's eyes put out?

Now, we know Maithanet came from the south. And in two years or so cleaned out and cleaned up the Thousand Temples, which had been ripe with inborn intrigues and heavy with foreign spies. The men we've met who've had contact with him remark at his preternatural ability to sway others, and there's no doubt how cunning he is. Take that with his blue eyes, most likely covered arms (concealing his swazond) and his ability to recognize the Few, and we have what would seem like one of the Few, but is possibly just a red herring. I'd reckon once known what to look for, a Dûnyain could recognize the Few as well. Further, being not one of the Few, I'd suspect it would be easier to pick up the type of sorcery the Cishaurim employ, seeing as how being one of the Few denotes a certain natural affinity (which Kellhus himself might or might not possess).

Now, I know I'm really reaching here, and not entirely coherent due to the extremity of the hour, but I'll try to be cohesive as I wrap this up.

I believe Moengus left the Scylvendi and eventually made his way to the Cishaurim. During this time he learned of their war with the Scarlet Spires, and somehow of the Consult as well, those ancient enemies of his line. Thus he decided on a course of action.

He set out to conquer the Thousand Temples, as only the Shriah could declare a Holy War.

Judging by the Cishaurim's ability to send visions (evidenced by the fake-Mallahet's treat with Xerius) I believe Moengus then sent the visions to the Dûnyain and his son, to bring Kellhus forth, while he gathered, manipulated and bound most of the Three Seas to bring them to Shimeh.

Why? I don't know with certainty, but why were the Consult in Sumna? Just to watch Achamian?

I don't buy it.

So, I think Moengus is bringing everyone together in what, I suspect, will be a diabolically engineered wedding of the Holy War to the Cishaurim, a desperate bid perhaps (or a cunning cast into the stream of probabilities) in order to fight and have a chance of defeating the Consult and their allies. How else to make the Three Seas believe in the Consult once more, than by manipulating them to slaughter each other for a while, make an exhausted yet simmering peace, and put forth an undeniable 'discovery' of the Consult's culpability to incite them to the Holy of Holy Wars?

From the Thousand Thousand Halls of Ishuäl, to the Thousand Temples... it would seem that the Thousand Fold Thought would be Moengus's.

It's quite possible the Architect had been out-designed. view post


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