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Concerning Chapter Quotes posted 11 October 2005 in Author Q & AConcerning Chapter Quotes by RiderOnTheStorm, Candidate

Anyway, to get back on topic after over a year, i was glad i came across this thread due to the fact that the chapter quotes are some of my favorite parts of the books. I drew an immediate and obvious parallel to Herbert and that is a good thing.

I re-read God Emperor of dune once a yera just for the quotes. Ive been mulling those things over in my brain for 20+ years now and my insight into them has changed, improved, receded, intensified, and so on each time i read them. I am finding Scotts quotes just as interesting. I have scrolled through the books just reading his quotes and then trying to tie them into the characters and story on different levels.

I eagerly await all the quotes that will adorn TTT's chapters... view post


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