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What is your favorite sport? posted 27 September 2005 in Off-Topic DiscussionWhat is your favorite sport? by Magadon, Commoner

I have two favorites: NASCAR and football.

I follow Dale Earnhardt, Jr. in NASCAR. I can't get enough of it. Sadly, he hasn't done so well this season, but he'll be back next year.

I also follow the Buffalo Bills and the Virginia Tech Hokies. The Bills will probably have an OK season. They'll probably lose games they're expected to lose. They're rebuilding now after getting rid of Bledsoe, who really didn't give me much hope as he's getting close to being a has-been. We've got Losman now, who we can build a team around. And Virginia Tech is now the third ranked team in college football. Even if they stay at #3 and win out, I don't think they'll have a chance at a title shot unless USC or Texas goes down hard (though it's unlikely). USC would have to lose two games and Texas would probably drop in rank if they lost one, depending on who they lost to.

College football is so much more interesting to me than the NFL. They've got a great OT system.

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