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What is the Thousand-Fold Thought? posted 24 September 2005 in The Thousandfold ThoughtWhat is the Thousand-Fold Thought? by RiderOnTheStorm, Candidate

I find similarities b/n TTT and Asimov's Pyschohistory as put forth in the Foundation series. There are times in the book where Kellhus is in a probability trance but is unable to parse all the variables and arrive at a likely conclusion.

Pyschohistory or TTT would be a way of being able to break through his current limitations and have his mind take on the acuity of a demi-god. Allowing him, along w/his father, unprecedented ability to accurately predict teh actions of massive amounts of ppl as a whole and individuals in particular due to their already extensive training in reading the thoughts/emotions and thus minds of ppl.

Given the scale of what the 2nd apocalypse will entail i think that this ability will be critical to Kellhus and Moe's chances of defeating the No-God and the consult.

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