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Cishaurim magic essentially anagogic?? posted 20 September 2005 in Author Q & ACishaurim magic essentially anagogic?? by Twayleph, Auditor

I think I remember during the assault on Caraskand, when the Cishaurim emerge that some of their magic was described as sparrows, which would be an analogy like the anagogic sorcery.

I don't think so; during the clash between the Cishaurim and the Scarlet Spires, it was the Spires that produced burning sparrows to attack the Cishaurim defending the Citadel of the Dog:

Flocks of incandescent sparrows swarmed over the battlement, plummeting into face after howling face. Despite the destruction...

The Psûkhe is a different type of sorcery from the Anagogic; it doesn't seem to be limited to analogies, as its effects are often described as "pure" light. The exact nature of the Psûkhe is still a mystery, though; it's one of the many mysteries I hope will be revealed in TTT. view post


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