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White-Luck Warrior posted 15 October 2010 in The Judging EyeWhite-Luck Warrior by Madness, Peralogue

Lol, only because you asked Ironsoul.

I have to disagree though. Unfortunately, I believe Cnaiur, Moenghus, and their plot arcs are finished. I was really at a loss for much of the Yatwerian plot lines in TJE, felt they were somewhat vague, and I realistically think that Bakker's trying to achieve some fictive device deliberately.

The White-Luck Warrior is someone new, represents something new in the story. I particularly find one of the chapter openers illuminating. The idea that White-Luck is like an antithesis to Dunyain causality - I apologize, I'd like to quote it but the book is not on me and I'm distracting myself from the pointless, endless, school reading - essentially, whereas the Dunyain calculate, take circumstance by force, the embodiment of White-Luck is just there, ordained always to be at the right place at the right time.

I'll come back tomorrow and get more indepth.

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