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What kind of flame warrior are you? posted 13 September 2005 in Off-Topic DiscussionWhat kind of flame warrior are you? by Randal, Auditor

Apathy isn't a requirement.

In fact, I believe several definitions of atheism are used. There's strong atheism (the existence of god is logically impossible) and weak atheism (I don't believe in a god.) You could of course claim only the second of these is "proper" atheism and the first in actuality is a religious belief.

I'd disagree, providing the "strong" atheism isn't posed as a general philosophy but rather turned against one or more specific examples of religions. ("The existence of the christian god as defined by denomination X is logically impossible")

Even if I accept your definition, it's perfectly possible to have fanatical atheists. I only need claim they're not fanatical about their atheism, they're fanatically opposed to others' religion. They don't feel compelled to spread their doctrines. They feel compelled to denounce what they see as false doctrines.

Semantics, true. But I like semantics. view post


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