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White-Luck Warrior posted 14 October 2010 in The Judging EyeWhite-Luck Warrior by Athjeari, Peralogue

Oh! Finally some more action on this board!

Alright, while I think it would be cool if Cnaiur did come back, he was a favorite of mine as well, especially if he wasn't 60 years old, I do think you might have a hard time figuring out why Cnaiur would be resurrected by Yatwer.

Cnaiur did not worship the Gods of the Thousand Temples, instead Cnaiur worshipped the No-God, so what might be the reasoning for Yatwer to bring him back to life?

Good theory, I like the descriptions idea, but unless Bakker has a good, sound explanation for Cnaiur becoming a tool for Yatwer, I don't know if I can buy it. view post


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