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The Destruction of the Dunyain posted 06 September 2005 in The Thousandfold ThoughtThe Destruction of the Dunyain by White Lord, Subdidact

Quote: "Twayleph":1wg9p9ot
But it seems to me that allying with human nations isn't their only choice - not even their most likely. Based on the Consult's complete ignorance of the Dûnyain until very recently and to the context of the prologue, it seems that their reaction to War was to flee, not to ally with mankind's defenders. Why should their reaction this time around be any different? If the Consult besieges Ishuäl (or shows sign of wanting to besiege it), could they not simply flee that old citadel and go hide elsewhere (i.e., Zeüm)?[/quote:1wg9p9ot]

About the Dunyain fleeing war. This ties in nicely with what I have been saying: they did so in order to preserve themselves and their mission.

As to what they might do in the present/future . . . well, they're a lot stronger now than they were then, so to flee without fighting may not be an option. As to what Mith says, that if they are disturbed they'll go out with a collective suicide, this just won't happen.

But to address your other point on them finding some other refuge, this too is possible, even probable maybe, but I also see individual Dunyain choosing/being ordered to offer their services in exchange for shelter.

Then also, the whole point of moving from point A to point B would entangle them in events they might find a bit hard to resist themselves . . . <!-- s:) --><img src="{SMILIES_PATH}/icon_smile.gif" alt=":)" title="Smile" /><!-- s:) --> view post


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