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Our own unique, original euphemisms for naughty bits... posted 05 September 2005 in Off-Topic DiscussionOur own unique, original euphemisms for naughty bits... by TenmaNeko, Commoner

Man, I can't believe taco was already taken! Here's a variation then:

Choco Taco - Keenan always wished he could munch on Beyonce's choco taco.

Bearded Clam - If Johnny reached third base, the elusive bearded clam would finally be his!

Fun Button - After pressing Vanessa's fun button a few times, she was turned on and ready to go.

Little Man in the Boat - Linda had to take Bob's hand down to visit the little man in the boat before she felt a thing.

Sweater Monkeys - Mary's sweater monkeys looked great in her new bra.

Joobly Nooblies - The busty stripper shook those joobly nooblies all night long.

Aspirins (sort of) - The skinny girl's chest looked like two aspirins on an ironing board.

Skin Flute - Hopefully, Kim would play a little tune on Eric's skin flute later.

Meat Saber - Rob's meat saber ended up looking more like a meat dagger.

I'm sick, but I'll think of more >:-) view post


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