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Serious TTT thoughts, predictions, ideas... posted 01 September 2005 in The Thousandfold ThoughtSerious TTT thoughts, predictions, ideas... by Mithfânion, Didact

Good call Anor on catching that little quote from Achamian which say that the Holy War not so much failed as was transformed. This is but one of the reasons why it seems clear that with Kellhus taking the lead among the Inrtith and with Moenghus taking (or already being in) the lead of the Fanim, they will take over it's direction. Of course, how this plays out, what their aims are (or even if the aims of Kellhus and Moenghus coincide) remains to be seen. As does whether or not people like Conphas and Proyas will be seduced as well, and how the Emperor will react.

As for the identity of Mallahet en Maithanet.

Mallahet simply has to have some sort of tie to Moenghus. But I don't think that Moenghus still is Mallahet, or even if he ever was. In general I am terribly curious about what Moenghus will look like.

Maithanet: I doubt he is either Moenghus or, as I initially thought, a skin spy. His agenda is not clear and it may be that he is in league with Moenghus. view post


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