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A brief history of Earwa? posted 01 September 2005 in The Warrior ProphetA brief history of Earwa? by Mithfânion, Didact

So to say that the "Nonmen" fought on the side of the Consult is wrong, because they never did so in any significant numbers.

This is quibbling about semantics.

A) It is specifically not wrong, because we know that Nonmen fought for the No-God. Now, how you yourself choose to qualify and categorize that is your own business, I'm just stating what is clear and presently mentioned in the books and on this board.

B) Whether or not the Nonmen fought for the No-God in insignifcant numbers is something you don't know. It's just your speculation. Since neither you nor anyone else knows the numbers of the Nonmen population as a whole , we can't say how big a percentage of the Nonmen fought for the Consult.

What we know is that there were Nonmen who fought for and against the No God. This is mentioned in the books. Even if it is just a small percentage, the statement that the Nonmen are an ambiguous people who have fought for and against Mog Pharau remains as correct as can be, doesn't it?

In the same way we can say that Men fought both for and against the No-God.

Furthermore, you say that

There is a post by Scott where he clearly says that the Erratics number perhaps a few thousands, and that they have always served the Consult.

Which is not correct. What Scott said was that there are "a few hundred" Nonmen that serve the Consult.

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